Burdette E. Walters, alias Mister Opera

My name is Burdette E. Walters. I was born and raised in rural Iowa, on my parent’s farm. After high school,
I attended Wartburg College, a private Lutheran church college, graduating in 1973, with a BA in secondary education,
with a major in history, and a minor in German. After several years of teaching, I chose to take care of my parents,
rather than putting them in a nursing facility. I was an only child. Mom died June 9, 1999,
and my Father died in my arms on January 4, 2001.

I have always enjoyed Edison phonographs, going back to the late 1950s. When my maternal grandmother died,
I lobbied for the cylinder Edison! The collection started from one leading to two, and two to four, etc.
My mother always loved Edison music. She bought many records for grandmother’s Edison.
Whenever I came home in those early days from an auction with a phonograph, or records, she was right in the box,
and wanting to play the cylinders .They always had to be cleaned, first, though. She would say:
“I like this song, or I know that song, etc.”
I truly miss sitting and listening to records with mom.
Some of her favorites still bring a tear to my eye, and a few I just can’t play to this day.

Dad was always supportive of my phonograph and antique collection, too.
As a high school student, if I didn’t have the money, dad would buy it for me….
He believed that collecting antiques, and phonographs, was a lot better than some of the stuff my age group was into.
He greatly helped with the collecting,
as far as even coming home from a farm sale with “treasures” in the back of the pickup!

I still collect, machines, and also like to collect the music of the late 1920’s, which was my mom’s favorite era.
It was “her” era.

It is in their honor, that I am dedicating this web page. They made this collection possible for me, in many ways.
I will always love them both, and I miss them every day………..

Mary Walters June 26, 1910 – June 9, 1999

Eilert Walters Jr. November 2, 1914 – January 4, 2001